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Welcome to my first blog post!  I’m so glad you are here. To be honest, I’m a little nervous about putting myself out there. It’s one thing to share ideas with family and friends but another to communicate with the public. I hope people like me and what I have to say!!

Anyway, with a leap of faith, I’m doing this!

My first strategy that help me get stuff done so I can have more time for fun is decluttering for fifteen minutes. I know this sounds so simple, but hear me out. I hate cleaning. It’s boring; it’s overwhelming; it feels never ending. And because of this I never want to do it. Just the thought of it makes me want to hide under the covers and take a nap.

So I started implementing this fifteen minutes cleaning strategy, and it’s made a huge difference. To be honest I only do this during the week and when I’m home. And I’ve found that in fifteen minutes I can declutter one drawer, or clear off that corner of the kitchen counter that fills up with junk mail, or go through all the receipts in my purse (how many times did I shop at Target?!?!) When I’m doing this one day at a time, it doesn’t feel like I am making a huge difference, but after a few weeks it’s amazing. My medicine cabinets are clean, all my socks have a match, and I can finally reach the knobs on my dryer without having to lean over last year’s Halloween costume – yes, it was still there.

I like this method so much better than my old one, where I tried to clean everything at once. It’s so much easier to motivate for just fifteen minutes. The whole house isn’t becoming a mess while I am cleaning. And I can save the area I’m dreading for last but will eventually get there – haha!!

I suggest setting a timer – I use my phone – and literally doing fifteen minutes at a time. If you truly limit it by time there is no pressure to get it all done, and it’s nice to feel you still accomplished your goal.

You can always create a “donate” pile and combine things from multiple cleaning sessions so you can donate items together. And here is some information for you if you have medicine to dispose of. https://www.fda.gov/drugs/safe-disposal-medicines/disposal-unused-medicines-what-you-should-know?utm_source=other&utm_medium=content-text&utm_campaign=RemoveTheRisk

Happy decluttering!

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